Outreach to Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country in Southeast Africa. It is the poorest country in the world and the Lord has given us a unique opportunity to serve others there in His name.

Grace Bible Fellowship was introduced to Grace Foundation on a missions trip in 2017. Our partnership with them has grown to now where Grace Bible Fellowship provides a significant amount of the monetary resources for the outreach.

The team, Grace Foundation and Grace Bible Fellowship, provide ongoing support to three primary groups:

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
To be eligible to be in the program a child is receiving less than one meal a day. There are fifty children in the OVC program in Tsabango, receiving a meal five days a week along with tutoring in their classes.
Additionally, there are twenty girls in Malingunde receiving meals seven days a week as well as training.

Children in Tsabango
Girls in Malingunde

Elderly (primarily widows)
The list of people wanting support is long. Local chiefs choose the most needy in their villages to receive support. Currently, we are supporting ninety elderly, thirty in each of three village groups. Each beneficiary receives fifty-five pounds of corn, plus soy, salt, sugar, and soap each month.

Elderly in Chadza

Guardian Empowerment

This program empowers single mothers to become self-sufficient enough to support their families sustainably. Single mothers may well be the most vulnerable group we support. Women have a very low standing in Malawi. Many women who marry are abandoned by their husbands when the children come along, leaving them unable to raise the children and take care of themselves. Grace Foundation provides training, resources, and support to help the women gain personal independence.

Mothers and children thinking that they have been forgotten.
A mother and her children four years after receiving assistance through the Guardian Empowerment Program.

Other Programs and Support

Since 2020, Grace Bible Fellowship has funded the placement of six wells with another eleven planned by the end of 2023. As one of the mothers said, this water is life as our babies are no longer dying.

A new well

Pastoral Teaching
Each year we have traveled to Malawi we have an opportunity to teach pastors there. In 2022, we had the opportunity to talk with thirty-seven pastors who have all converted from Islam in the last three years. The teaching was on Biblical Manhood and really shook a lot of their beliefs. Praise the Lord.

Courageous Pastors

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
In 2022, an amazing thing happened. Eleven senior chiefs asked if we could get them Bibles in their language as the things they saw happening could only happen if God was in the middle of it. When we delivered them, only six were able to be present. After explaining the Bible, and sharing the Gospel in narrative form, all six said they wanted to commit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. This was truly a miracle as they all by tradition are committed to lead demonic dance groups. Praise the Lord.

Chiefs committing to the Lord Jesus Christ.