Bible Reading Planx

These reading plans show the Old Testament and New Testament passages to read in preparation for the Sunday Fellowship time. The plan is organized by week. The goal is that we will read through the Old Testament in two years, and read through the New Testament once each year.

We study the bible together each Sunday Fellowship. The idea is that you will use this plan as a guide to finding a method that works for you to read each week’s selection before fellowship. Ideally, that would mean reading some of each selection each day of the week. As a group, we discuss what God is saying in the passage, how it applies to us, and discuss any questions or challenges we may have.

If you are newly visiting with us, or if the reading seems a bit much, then try to read through the New Testament readings before the Sunday listed so you will feel comfortable being part of the discussion.

May the Lord richly bless you. We look forward to having you join us.